Special Burgers

These Burgers are limited and served with French fries and salad
Roast beef Burger

With pickle onion and aioli kimchi sauce

450.00 EGP
Black Pearl

Juicy beef patty with cheddar cheese, oven baked bell peppers and balsamic onion chutney served in a black burger bun with an eatable silver leaf on top

450.00 EGP
Surf and Turf Burger

Juicy beef patty with crispy shrimps and aioli kimchi sauce

450.00 EGP
Japanese Ramen Burger

Juicy beef patty, sautéed vegetables in soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and coleslaw served in a burger bun made out of Japanese Ramen noodles

425.00 EGP
Fish Burger

Crispy fish fillet in tempura batter, coleslaw and aioli kimchi sauce

360.00 EGP
Smoked Salmon Burger

On Swiss Rösti potatoes, coleslaw, fried egg, salad with honey mustard dressing

430.00 EGP
Exotic Salmon

Smoked salmon, mango, guacamole, Swiss rösti and Onion chutney, salad with honey mustard dressing

440.00 EGP