Our Specials

Chicken in the basket

Half a Chicken with Rosmary and Honey, Served with our special tarragon sauce

460.00 EGP
Beef filet with café de Paris butter

250 gr of best beef filet. Homemade herbs & lemon butter

615.00 EGP
Beef filet with Swiss mushroom-cream sauce

250 gr of best beef filet

645.00 EGP
Cordon Bleu Classic

Breaded chicken breast filet stuffed with cheddar cheese and beef bacon

425.00 EGP
Chicken Cordon Bleu Mushroom

Breaded chicken breast filet (380 gr) stuffed with cheddar cheese, bacon and our mushroom-cream sauce on top

455.00 EGP
Fish and Chips

Crispy fried fish fillet served with french fries

365.00 EGP
Traditional Wiener Schnitzel

2 breaded and fried veal escalops

405.00 EGP